Building the market for more effective impact investing

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Roots of Impact

Shaping impact finance

At Roots of Impact we are dedicated to design, pioneer and advise on effective solutions for impact finance. Our mission is to leverage finance to maximize the positive impact created by entrepreneurial ideas.

To achieve this goal, we work with pioneering impact investors, public funders and strategic philanthropists globally in designing and implementing innovative funding mechanisms for high-impact organizations. We are experts in creating the right mix of incentives, capital and other resources to achieve sustainable impact at scale.

As a market builder, we deeply care about education and incubate the Social Finance Academy – a one-stop-shop for practical and effective knowledge & tools on impact investing as well as social enterprise and blended finance.

What we do

  • Advise and educate in impact investing and development finance
  • Design blended finance solutions for sustainable development
  • Set up effective impact investment vehicles …

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What drives us

A huge amount of capital around the world is waiting to be invested for social and environmental impact. Yet too little of it makes its way to high-impact social enterprises…

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What drives our clients

Our investor clients are looking to realise financial returns in high-performing social enterprises or funds without compromising on social or environmental impact …

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